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3rd Annual Maury River Hunter Trials

The third annual Maury River Hunter Trials, co sponsored by the Farmington, Glenmore and Rockbridge Hunt Clubs took place at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington Saturday April 7, 2012.  47 riders of all ages representing hunt clubs, colleges and hunter stables from central Virginia competed in 11 field hunter divisions, with championships awarded for 8 categories. Sandy Rives from the Keswick Hunt judged the event organized by professional organizers Penny and Brian Ross from Fairfield, VA. The course was laid out in the outside area used for Virginia Horse Trials events with both permanent and temporary obstacles created to simulate jumps and obstacles typically found in the hunt field: logs, rails, coops, a bank, a gate plus an interesting water element at the end of the course that resembled a small pond. Foxhunters were put to the test over the gently rolling field with a stunning backdrop of mountains, sloping toward the Maury River that encircles the property-hence the name “Maury River Hunter Trials.” This annual event is a favorite for foxhunters and cross-country riders. Winners included members of the Rockbridge Hunt Club in Glasgow, Farmington Hunt Club in Charlottesville, and Glenmore Hunt in Staunton, and Middlebrook Hunt in Middlebrook,VA.

Welcome to Foxhunting in Virginia

Foxhunting is a long-standing Virginia tradition, ever since colonial times. George Washington kept a pack of foxhounds! To this day, our beautiful and gracious state is known as a mecca for fox hunters. We hope to impart to you some of the excitement and pure joy of mounted foxhunting in Virginia with news, articles, a calendar of events, a FAQs, hunt reports, and much more.

Those of you who already know the “thrill of the chase” will use the site as a resource for finding places to hunt, links of interest to fox hunters, and news and other information.

For those of you who have been thinking about hunting but don't know where to start, this is the place! Start with our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about hunting, and most of all, don't be afraid to contact us with your questions. Chances are if you are asking, someone else is wondering the same thing. Just click the contact us link and ask away!

Cindy Morton, MFH Rockbridge Hunt
& Cheryl Microutsicos, Stonewall Hounds


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Quote of the Day

I came away [from the Centennial Performance Trials] feeling very good about the state of the foxhound, be it American, Crossbred, English or Penn-Marydel.  It's encouraging to see so many people that are so into their hounds.

Comparing the breeds, I think the wire is down.  The days of the old sterotypes are over.  I saw classy hounds of every breed. 

Tony Leahy, MFH
. . . "Connecting with the Communal Mind: What Leahy Learned." Covertside, September 2007 (p36).